Black Maple Capital (“BMC”) is a multi-family office dedicated to preserving and growing our clients’ wealth through an innovative blend of internal management, curated alternative investments, and collaborative investing. Our approach is based on the premise that investors want direct access to experienced, professional investors and the visibility to understand how such professionals are managing their own estates, not salespeople or financial advisors who act merely as intermediaries and rarely “eat their own cooking”. In other words, Black Maple does not simply pass along other people’s recommendations; we communicate the actions we are taking with our own capital and provide tools, guidance, institutional access, and investment products to help you fulfill your long-term financial objectives. You control your degree of participation in the management of your estate –ranging from entirely self-managed to completely outsourced –based how your desires, life circumstances, and priorities evolve through time.

The Black Maple team and its Founding Clients spent twenty years managing a global multi-strategy hedge fund based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with additional investment teams in London, Toronto, Hong Kong, Boston, and elsewhere around the globe. Its activities included convertible arbitrage, other derivative strategies, corporate credit, distressed credit, structured products, event-focused investing, macro, quantitative strategies, reinsurance, and a broad range of other strategies. Through these experiences, we’re able to spot and assess opportunities across the spectrum of assets and investment strategies. For our proprietary portfolios, we leverage the tools and relationships we’ve built over three decades to produce a steady stream of quality investment opportunities. We often augment our internal portfolios by leaning on our experience to screen, analyze, and allocate to best-in-breed external investment managers.

BMC was inspired by a realization that the financial advisory community does a poor job of catering to successful professionals who (a) desire to remain active in their financial affairs or simply prefer a more interactive experience, (b) are sensitive to fees on low-value-added products, and (c) want affordable access to professional insights, research, and deal flow to help guide informed decisions. Sophisticated clients want the option to more fully understand the rationale behind investment or asset allocation decisions, particularly at critical times when markets exhibit volatility. They also want to know whether this guidance is consistent with how the manager behaves with his or her own capital. Other features not often found with a traditional financial advisory firm include:

• The flexibility to participate in material investment decisions or, when circumstances call for it, or simply defer to deeply experienced professionals with a true alignment of interests;

• Access to tools and transaction flow available to institutional investors;

• Economies of scale with respect to estate planning, tax professionals, critical systems, and investment-related expenses;

• A diverse community of professionals sharing many years of insights and experiences.

As scale, tax, and other barriers make it increasingly cost-prohibitive to launch a competitive single-family office, Black Maple delivers a flexible solution to manage your financial future, for this lifetime or future generations, with superior scale and resources that results in a lower overall cost.

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